A documentary film currently in production, which is about situation of alcohol prohibition law prevalent in Gujarat state of India.

Every donor will get their name in credit list of the film and merchandise. You can contribute in multiple of 1000rs.

To donate: Please mail on: dir@whitedesertpictures.com or whatsapp on +91-8879294258 and mention the amount you want to donate(please do not forget to mention the same)  our team will get in touch with you soon!


FAQs for donors:

1. Why should I donate?
a. Since you are interested in this subject, you have landed on this
Page. You should donate to see this interesting documentary and get interesting merchandise like badges, caps, t-shirts as well as your name in the credit list of the film! What is the better way to get famous then to see your name in a documentary which will be exhibited on various platforms of the world!

2. What will I get if I donate?
a. You can check the table given above.

3. Is the amount I donate refundable?
a. No. Because it will be used in production of the film as soon as you donate.

4. Will anyone know how much I donated?
a. No. It will be kept confidential.

5. Why should I trust you with my hard earned money?
a. I – Janardan Mehta am a filmmaker with a clean record and good body of work which you can see on this website. I am an award nominee filmmaker. I have already done 2 years of research on this project. My process of making the film and use of funds will be transparent. All the donors will be updated about progress. I am ready to do legal agreement with a donor who contributes significant amount.

6. What is the completion time of the documentary?
a. Well, it should take approximately a year. The reason being I have to travel to remote areas, state borders in Gujarat. I have to interview VVIP people and some underground people as well.

7. When will I get the merchandise and what about shipping charges?
a. You will get the merchandise after the film is finished in making. You can collect merchandise from our centers to be set up in major cities of Gujarat. Else, The shipping charges will be borne by you for outstation, out of state and places abroad.

8. What about profit sharing?
a. Profit sharing will be available for donation amount equal to and/or above 2 lakh rupees. The same will be discussed when you get in touch with us.

9. How will my name appear in the credit list?
a. For donors donating upto 2 lakhs will get their names as contributors in descending order of donation amount. For donors equal to and or above 2 lakhs will get their names as associate producer or co-producer as mentioned in the table.

10. Why are you making this documentary?
a. To explore truth behind the ‘Prohibition of alcohol law’ in Gujarat.

11. What if you do not get enough donation?
a. I have planned the film on large scale with the use of original music, drone cinematography, going in depths of the unexplored spaces, good sound design and cinematography as well as proper packaging. The crowd funding trailer that you saw is just for pitching purpose. Actual film will be a professional looking film like the one you watch in theaters! If I don’t get enough funds, I will complete the film with whatever I can by pushing limits as much as I can!

Janardan Mehta